Wooden Furniture… A key element in your home

Trends in interiors come and go but the one thing that remains timeless and elegant is wooden furniture.  Wood brings atmosphere and a natural feel to an interior, balancing out any overzealous use of whites and greys.

Furniture made of reclaimed wood, sheesham hardwood (known as the Indian rosewood), to name a few, without paint finishes gives rooms warmth and texture. Furniture made from Sheesham hardwood has an original grain that gives it a very elegant and rich look. The use of simple wood can offer your home natural beauty that will last a lifetime.

wooden furniture

Wooden furniture a key element in your homes

A key trend in homes today is that of zesty colours and fluorescents. Pairing these with wooden furniture also benefit the home, not just the simple neutral colours. With fluro being the key trend of the moment, these shades are the perfect way to enliven wooden items in your home. Adding joyous touches of intense, neon-inspired hues will contrast beautifully with bare wooden surfaces, or for a more thrown-together look try layering almost translucent pastels for an effect that is subtle and sophisticated yet still very new.

Natural Living believes in subtle details that are executed with perfect craftsmanship. We love mixing modern with rustic, balancing clean lines with something rough, jagged or naturally distressed.  

Wood is the direct fruit of the Earth, it is the mark of a marriage with its own territory, it is feeling part of a landscape, it is the reference to a cosmic dimension that art, at times, is able to decipher. Therefore, make wooden furniture a key element in your homes that balances out the spunk as well as brings about elegance in any home.