Part#2- Points to consider while buying Wooden Furniture.

“ Good looks, doesn’t mean quality. “ This bit of the session will read about the construction of wooden furniture. And why it is important to have a slight technical knowledge that goes behind the making of any wooden furniture.

Identify quality furniture by its ‘Joint Construction.’ Wooden furniture held together with staples or nails is substandard work. If its glue, you can see the glue.
The best joints are Dovetail (interlocking squarish ‘teeth) or mortise-and-tenon (narrowed end of one piece inserted into a hole in the other ), but Dowels ( wooden pegs fit into two opposing holes ) are also good.

In a chest or a cabinet, for example, look for thin sheet of woods between the drawers. ‘ Dust panels’ bring sturdiness, which improves the structural strength, and protect the drawer contents.
Drawers should run smoothly on glides and have stops to prevent accidentally pulling them all the way out.

Doors on cabinets should open and close easily with hardware that is of high quality, that is installed securely.

-If the interior of the piece has light, their switches should be easy to access.

-If the piece is to be used as an entertainment center or as a computer station, holes are drilled in for electrical cords.

-Again, be sure the drawers of a chest of a cabinet fit well and slide easily on glides. With stops and a little breathing space for them to react because of the weather.

-Lift the piece at one corner — it should not twist or squeak. Check that all legs are touching the floor.

With all of this in mind and a checklist- the final decision will not be as difficult.
One must consider all these guidelines before the decision is made.
Wooden Furniture can be passed on for generations. Investing in the right one would make it an ‘antique’ piece of art over time.

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