Benefits of using old wood/reclaimed wood furniture from an ecological perspective:

Over the last decade or so reclaimed wood/old wood furniture has become a hot trend when it comes to choice of interior design material. Simply put, reclaimed wood or old wood is any wood taken from an old wooden floors, houses, or pieces of furniture, that is then refurbished into naturally distressed flooring, sculptures, furniture and home building materials. Reclaimed wood has many benefits.


Highly valued :

Many types of wood today can no longer be found naturally to make furniture. The American Chestnut tree is one such example. It was wiped out by blight, and only buildings that were made from it survive. Furniture made from reclaimed wood of this nature is highly valued as it preserves in its genetic coding a type of tree that no longer exists. Reclaiming American Chestnut wood gives ecologists a rare opportunity to study a vanished species. This is true of some other woods as well and not just science is effected. History gets reused and re-recorded, and future generations will be able to examine reclaimed wood for the story it provides.


Ecological Benefits :

Most importantly to note, are the ecological benefits of reclaimed wood furniture. Rather than complete restoration of broken old pieces of wood furniture, which would be costly to the environment because of the chemicals used in the restoration process, the reclaimed wood that still has some strength left to it is fashioned into a “new” piece of furniture. Another ecological benefit of reclaimed wood furniture is the wood that’s taken from old pieces of furniture that have been abandoned/discarded and are no longer of use and reusing wood that would end up in a dump or landfill to rot over time. Making reclaimed furniture this way helps ensure that less waste takes up space and any paint or other chemicals on that wood doesn’t get into the watershed and into our bodies through the groundwater and our water system. Additional ecological benefits of reclaimed wood furniture means that more trees stay in the wild providing homes for animals and keeping the air fresh and breathable, as well as preventing landslides and mudslides. Trees don’t need to be harvested for reclaimed wood furniture; they were harvested years ago and we just reuse that wood for another purpose. More trees never need be planted to replace trees that were never harvested when reclaimed wood is recycled for furniture and homes and art. Less money, less gas used to build, less fumes to pollute the air, less smog, and less of so much more that would damage the ecology of the world benefits from reclaimed wood and reclaimed wood furniture. No matter how you cut it (and shape it!) reclaimed wood furniture is all around better for the environment.