10 Things You Need to Know Before You Purchase Wood Furniture from Natural Living

  1. Hardwood furniture is beautiful.The dramatic grain patterns give each piece a character of its own – a one-of-a-kind handmade work of art for your home. What’s more, the use of hardwood creates opportunities for detail work and graceful forms that just aren’t possible with pressed-wood furniture. A custom-built piece from Natural Living Furniture makes a statement about your sense of style, beauty and quality.
  2. You can believe in the materials.Wood doesn’t lie. Sheesham is Sheesham. Cherry is Cherry. Particle board is a composite material made by compressing a mixture of ground-up scrap wood and resin glue, covered by wood-grained vinyl. Hard wood furniture is strong, honest, durable. Particle board furniture is cheap, susceptible to moisture and tends to fall apart if you move it more than once. Your purchase from Natural Living Furniture is built to last – not just for years, but for generations.
  3. You can believe in the construction.Many of our craftsmen are third and fourth generation wood workers from Rajasthan. Their use of time-honored joinery techniques such as dovetails, mortise & tenon and lock mitres give drawers, legs, shelves and doors strength and stability. What’s even more important is their understanding of the movement of wood. The artisans who make Natural Living furniture build our furniture to accommodate changes as the wood expands and contracts through the seasonal changes. Our furniture is built to be strong, stable and last a long time.
  4. You can believe in the finish.Some finishes are used to hide the wood, or cover up particle board. We use finish to enhance the natural grain and give you a piece that is in harmony with your home décor. Our stains are applied to each component of your furniture before it’s assembled. That’s so you won’t suddenly have an unfinished stripe appear in the winter, when the wood contracts. Our finish of choice is a conversion varnish. It will resist water marks and alcohol and look great with dry, or ever-so-slightly damp, dusting. (For our dressing tables, please note: nail polish remover is deadly to all finishes. You have been warned!)
  5. Hardwood furniture can be repaired, restored, even refinished.Life is full of unexpected bumps. If your hardwood furniture is scratched it can be repaired and the finish touched-up. If a door or drawer is broken we can make one that’s identical to replace it. If your decorating palette changes, your furniture can be refinished to match your new style.

5a. What’s more, if in five years you want another piece of furniture to match, we’ll be able to make it for you. We don’t have furniture “lines” that are discontinued after a few years. We make hand-crafted furniture one piece at a time. So if you decide to add a sofa table and want it to match the media cabinet you originally bought from us, we can do it.

  1. Making hardwood furniture is a Green process.The hardwood lumber that we use to manufacture our furniture grows in sustainably managed forests. Our wood is selectively harvested in small groups or as single trees to minimize the impact of the environment. Our manufacturing process is virtually waste-free. Bark becomes mulch; trimmings are processed into paper; slab wood from our sawmills is used to heat shops and homes; sawdust and moulder mill is used to bed livestock and horses; waste edgings and chips are reground for use in landscaping. In addition, all materials used in the handcrafting of Natural Living Furniture are formaldehyde-free, and all stains and finishes are low VOC.
  2. You can meet the person who made your furniture.Natural Living Furniture is not made by robots on assembly lines. Our furniture is made by a relatively small number of millworkers, builders and finishers. From time to time we have events and bring them to our store to meet our customers and talk about their techniques and craft. So it’s not at all unusual for you to be able to meet the person who made your furniture… or who will be making it soon.
  3. You are part of the design process.The designs offered by Natural Living Furniture cover a wide range of styles and contemporary for dining, entertainment centers, beds, dressers, chests, cabinets and more. But for us, our standard designs are just the starting point. After the design has been selected, the customer chooses the size and other specifications. Most of the standard designs can be tailored to the customer’s specifications – our pieces can be scaled up or down to fit a particular space in your home. Additionally, new design proposals can be discussed and drafted.
  4. Hardwood furniture is easy to care for.We believe hardwood furniture grows even more beautiful with age. But dust, dirt and grime can accumulate on any surface and can harm the wood’s finish. Regular dusting with a clean, lint-free cloth will maintain a clean surface and protect the finish from dirt build-up. Occasional dusting with a cloth lightly dampened with a non-wax polish will help clean and restore the appearance of your furniture. You should avoid the use of ammonia-based products or silicone oils. Excessive or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, high temperatures or high humidity can cause damage to both the finish and the wood itself.
  5. You can believe in our warranty.We’ll be happy to provide details about our warranty against defects and our policy for cancellation of custom orders at our store. Briefly, all Natural Living Furniture comes with a lifetime warranty on materials. We expect our furniture to last a lifetime. Go to any antique show and you’ll see hardwood furniture that has not only survived for generations, but still looks beautiful. Hardwood lasts. Your custom-built, hand-crafted furniture from Ohio Hardwood Furniture will last a lifetime, and then some.