How to take care of your Wooden Furniture


Many owners of wooden furnishings these days have very little or no knowledge as per the correct means to caring for their pieces of furniture. The dilemma is all pervasive : should you dust, clean or wax….? While all the experts around will have varying opinions on how to tend to you wooden furniture, it basically depends on the finish of the piece of furniture. One way to clarify how to go about the care of your product is to ask for specific care and cleaning guidelines when you purchase a piece of furniture.
The general methods to cleaning and caring for your pieces of wooden furniture, both old and new and how as to effectively go about them are all discussed in detail below.

Do not ever avoid dusting a piece of wooden furniture. Frequent dusting helps eliminate airborne deposits that may build up a filmy layer and scratch the surface of your furniture.
Use clean, dry, soft cloths or feather dusters to effectively remove dust; however, to avoid scattering the dust into the air, which results in it floating back down onto the surface of the furniture, dampen the cloth very slightly.
For dusting purposes you may use tools such a classic feather duster for delicate objects such as silk lampshades and pieces of art. The use of treated clothes is advised rather than silicon based sprays, which can be very damaging over time to finer pieces of furniture. Use cloth pieces containing lanolin as they attract dust and dust clings on well to them.

Never use all-purpose sprays unless your furniture has a plastic or protective coating, such as the kind on children’s furniture and kitchen tables.
Always avoid cleaning wooden furniture pieces with water. Sticky spots may need to be treated with soap and water. In such cases dip the cloth in a mild soap or detergent dissolved in water. Make sure the cloth is nearly dry by wringing it dry before wiping the affected area. Once done, immediately wipe the area affected on the furniture dry with a soft, clean, dry cloth.
You may carry out cleaning of your wooden furniture with the use of oil polishes, cleaner and furniture oils, which protect the wood by making the surface slippery. Most sprays and polishes available commercially contain silicone oil, which offer some protection, as far as possible avoid using them, especially on fine pieces of woodwork. While many experts will advise you to use home made recipes, avoid making them yourselves unless you are well versed in the art.

From time to time deep cleaning of your furniture will be required to remove layers of grime. In such an instance use an oil based soap and water. Rinse and dry well. Products with a milky appearance are formulated and available commercially. They dissolve both solvent-based and oil-based residues. Do not ever use mixtures that contain boiled linseed oil, turpentine or white vinegars. They darken the wood and attract dust and lint. Instead apply paste wax.

Scratches are something everyone experiences with wooden furniture. It annoys most wooden furniture owners. If it is the top of the furniture that is slightly scratched you may apply paste wax or use a felt-tip touch-up pen.
For the treatment of deeper scratches that gouge into the wood, use wood filler or a coloured filler wax stick available at hardware stores or home improvement stores. Sadly difficult to get in India one may try ordering them online. Match them as closely as possible to the colour of your furniture piece, applying several thin layers rather than one thick layer.


Wooden Furniture and Wall Tones

The last post discussed why one should give the ‘nod’ to wooden furniture: simply because it has way too many benefits to look past. This post will discuss how you can play up your wooden furniture and wall colours to add that extra element of style and class to your space. Irrespective of the type of wooden furniture you have in your space, be it oak or mahogany, it will only be unfair to not enhance its appearance and its quality finish. Here are a couple of ways that will tell you how you can work up an outstanding space for yourself by experimenting with different wall tones hues that will accentuate your wooden furniture.
1) Yellows and Oranges
If your wooden furniture has a war underlying quality, these two bright and happy colours can do wonders to your space by highlighting the slight orange and yellow tints of your wooden furniture, when used correctly and in the right amounts. This in turn will complement your space not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of the overall warmth and feel that it will eventually give. The lightness or darkness of a color is meant to be its value. So, if your wooden furniture has a cool undertone (shades of gray), by using a warm color (yellow or even a pale orange), you can sustain the vibrancy of the warm-and-cool mix.
2) Blues
When you think blue, you think of something that’s rather calm and cool. For instance: the ocean, the sky or a slow song. However, if you use this colour well in your space, it could complement your wooden furniture in a rather bold and intense manner by highlighting its orange. If you’re willing to experiment with an intense, bright blue, the contrast can be quite mesmerizing and edgy depending on the underlying quality of your wooden furniture. Note that if not used correctly, the entire feel of your space may come across as a tad bit too harsh.
3) Light and Dark (Contrast)
Wooden furnishings usually get tarnished over time and acquire hints of orange and yellow that adds to the depth and twists. If you are keen on experimenting and like the look of dark furniture against light walls (or light furniture against dark walls), you can opt for something like a mahogany or a cherry to strike a sharp contrast against any light color, be it a tinge of blue, green or maybe even a more vibrant colour from the colour-wheel. Exactly the same way, light wood would reflect pretty strongly against a bold, deep colour. If you want contrast with medium-tones, use wall colours that are subtle and light.
4) Neutrals
From white, gray and beige to black and brown, neutral colours are the safest to go with in terms of decorating your space and accentuating your wooden furniture. If you want to go for a colour that lies in the same color palette as your wooden furniture, keep in mind that color of your wall must necessarily be at least two shades lighter or darker than the furniture. This is important because you don’t want them to match. The darkest neutrals of these colours will complement the warm undertones of your wooden furniture as much as they will the cool undertones.

Advantages to Having Wooden Furniture in Your Space

Wooden furniture is timeless. Although, the advent and acceleration of the industrial revolution brought about quite a large magnitude of change within the norms, the introduction of elements such as Aluminum, Steel and Glass however, didn’t much affect the usage and importance of wood as an extremely vital component of furniture. Listed below are five major advantages of choosing wooden furniture over any other for your home/office décor.
• Wooden Furniture is Eco-Friendly
Not only does wooden furniture contribute toward making your space look alive and beautiful, it is also hugely eco-friendly which should be a big plus point considering that anymore damage to the environment at this point would only mean sabotage! There are absolutely no side-effects of wooden furniture so one can rest assured.
• Low Maintenance
Aside from being eco-friendly, wooden furniture requires very less maintenance in terms of appearance and quality compared to steel, glass, plastic or aluminum, another advantage to be considered. Dusting your wooden furniture now and again, probably get a wax/polish every two years and you’re good to go. Since wooden furniture is always easy on your budget, half your problems are solved right there!
• High-Flexibility Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep experimenting with the look of your office, living room or bedroom every now and then without having to invest too much time, energy or well, ‘moola’ ? ‘Course it would be! So, one of the most exciting advantages to wooden furniture is that it can be modified with great ease. It’s in your bedroom today, tomorrow you could want to put it out on the deck, in the lobby or outside in the garden: wooden furniture would still
look as amazing as it did where you first put it. All this: without having to waste too much time or having to spend a buck.
• Durability
Another advantage to having wooden furniture in your space is the fact that it is easy to keep. There is never an opportunity for termites or fungus to attack the wood and rot it because of its high durability. Wherever you keep it (indoors or outdoors) you’re never going to have to worry about your wooden furniture getting damaged. Also, note that wooden furniture is tolerant of all weather conditions: meaning it will be just fine irrespective of the season and if you have it set outside, you don’t have to bring it indoors or even keep it in storage.
• Natural and Gorgeous
Aside from all the other advantages that are associated with wooden furniture, the one that is obvious is that wooden furniture can do to your space what nothing else can. It is natural and looks classy and sophisticated in whichever part of your space it is set. Wooden furniture draws attention to the key attributes of the décor of your space and will always reflect authenticity through its naturally antique form.


Why wooden furniture was gifted in olden days?

In ancient times when the sages were aware of the vastu principles, they used to use them in day-to-day life as well. Vastu for them did not mean only the architecture part. It actually meant that they wanted balance of all the forces of nature in everything they did. Over a period of time, the vastu principles became a part of the culture and all actions done by even ordinary people were in line with vastu. Even the rulers had royal astrologers who would give the advice about these things.
One of the major areas of daily life is the giving and taking of gifts. Even in ancient times, this was prevalent. But it was limited in the sense that the availability of items in those times was limited and people used to lead a simple life.
But the gifts were of prescribed nature for specific occasions. Why? The reason is vastu. These prescribed things were gifted and were accepted, as they would change the pattern of energy and natural forces for the person taking them. Over a period of time these things became common and are even visible in the form of customary gifts for occasions. For example, in most of the cultures it is customary to gift clothes on the birth of a child. In olden days, wooden furniture was also gifted a lot more than these days. Wood if considered as energy – is constantly in motion, driven to grow and expand like the green shoots bursting forth in spring. The predominant energy and significance with wood, is being appreciated for being firmly grounded with deep roots at home. From this place of stability and strength, potential is unlimited, and the capacity to succeed against all odds. Color symbolisms of associations with wood are green and blue.
Converting this wood energy into a commercial plus usable design form, and forming a basic structure, like furniture, artifact, sculptures etc.
Wooden furniture items were and are still gifted by a many people but how do they affect the native is not known to many people.
Wood is ruled by Jupiter and as such gifting furniture will bring auspicious forces in the house and will bring prosperity and luck to the inmates of the house. Furniture made of wood suggests the influence of Jupiter and the furniture made of iron suggest the influence of Saturn. A combination of wood and iron is a lot common while making furniture with Sheesham wood. The craft-work is called ‘Jaali’ work. The craftsmanship that went into making of wooden furniture was always hand-made, which gave that personal touch to the idea of gifting.
Though, it’s said that the choice of furniture as a gift to someone must be done with consideration. Even if the study of feng shui is put aside, one needs to be alert of the toxins that reside within old furniture, such as leaked mercury in old clocks or formaldehyde glues in furniture made of layers of wood. Many of these hidden toxins can cause health problems. It is of utter importance that wooden furniture is always re-energized or if spoken in modern terms is always maintained nicely.
At present exchange of gifts in the society, specifically in India, is becoming an essential part of our relationship with others. There are occasions like marriage, birth days, festivals, housewarming etc – and there is no limit to the occasion to gift someone with a wooden piece of furniture, artifact or just a small box to hold the tiniest of your memory.
– By Natural Living

Exchange of gifts has been a normal phenomenon among the human beings from time immemorial. In ancient times, our rishis and munis were fully aware of the significance of the day-to-day activities of men and women and the way it could affect the entire balance of one’s life. Thus, even the giving of gifts can be determined by taking into consideration the planetary influences.
In the present day context, a planetary consideration on gifts can take on a priority over making a choice., What makes the process very complicated is making a choice of a proper gift.
There is an infinite variety of things available in the market. One can choose a gift of any color or of any price. In each category of gifts there are innumerable aspects. The general gifts include: furniture, cosmetics, clothes, sweets, jewellery, stationery items, electronic items and even property. Sometimes even flowers suffice.
39It has also been observed that certain gifts are being exchanged these days for no specific occasion. The person should be aware of the items which are being gifted. The person accepting them should also be careful these days as there are innumerable items which may not pass the test as gifts as per the canons of vastu. This has a strong correlation with astrology as well. Astrology also tells you the effects of various planets. The effects of natural forces of these planets affecting us decides our way of thinking and the way we work in society. This is unique to every individual. Hence, this aspect must be given due consideration while selecting and taking gifts. An item rejected by one is liked by the other is an indication that different forces operate for different people.

Wooden Furniture Market.

International wood industry is becoming complex and interesting at a growing pace. This industry has come to limelight only over the last decade, due to a number of revolutionary reasons like – globalization, production assortment and development in technology.
Major countries which increase their economic growth in wood industry are China, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Europe and America. Europe and America are the continents that compete with Asia – because of the abundance of wood in Asia and also because it is available at a cheaper rate.
These furniture industries have shown incredible economic growth rate recently, for a lot many reasons. Europe – has responded to this competition by enhancing productivity, targeting only the niche market, bringing in a lot of creativity in the design structure and in craftsmanship, in the quality of the product and with new ways of marketing strategies to create demand for them.
Though the level of skills involved is not as sophisticated as in craft works. The development of craft skills is essential for the survival of European furniture industry. Craft skills are necessary to produce high quality, intricate furniture items based on solid wood.

craftmanship-wood1These craftsmanship skills, if considered from an Asian country’s point of you, especially India – the markets are filled with highly skilled labor market. Cheap labor producing high quality sheesham wood furniture, from normal furniture to intensively detailed wooden carving work with antique style in furniture. Cities like Jodhpur, Rajasthan – become the pioneer cities for producing furniture, which showcase beautiful artistic craftsmanship, and all of that is done handmade.
These skills in European countries are mainly computer operated numerically controlled machines, which might give that precise symmetrically patterns but lack the innovation in intricate carving designs and patterns, which is typically an art form developed in Asian countries, especially India, China, Indonesia and Thailand.
Demand for such wooden hand-crafted furniture has increased a lot over the last decade in European and other countries, especially because of the detail carving and craftsmanship that goes in the manufacture of those antique looking wooden furniture.
Craftsmanship is an art that is embedded in the bloods of Indian workers, while this process is a much programmed process outside Asian countries.
Other than the best features like durability, sustainability in all kinds of weather and the fact that it is so beautiful aesthetically speaking – the demand for sheesham furniture has increased in European market, and even in Indian market because of the abundance in sheesham wood in these countries. The labor cost that goes into the production of such hand-crafted furniture is cheap and affordable.
That becomes an important factor while importing sheesham furniture for these foreign countries than spending thousands and million in a training program to acquire those craftsmanship skills, which anyway is an effort for these countries to make the younger crowd understand the importance of wood, wooden furniture and craftsmanship.
Regal exports have been one of the major brands to export hardwood (sheesham) furniture to European countries. With stores all over India, including Jodhpur, Goa, Pune it has seen a tremendous growth in the economies of scale. Being located in a country (India) where Sheesham wood grows in abundance and the craft skills are drunk to perfection, it has become one of the biggest online stores to export Sheesham wood furniture to European countries. Regal Exports also – provides custom designed furniture too, with beautiful craft work which is completely hand done.
This personal touch to the furniture is becoming a trending demand in foreign countries.

Benefits of Sheesham Wood

Benefits of Sheesham Hardwood.
Sheesham hardwood
Sheesham, or scientifically known as Dalbergia Sissoo, the mostly famous for being used in making furniture. It is the most useful timber source in India.

Found throughout the sub-Himalayan region, from the Indus to Assam. Sheesham, Shishan, Shisham, Sissoo or Sisu, the tree is also found in many parts of India, especially in the Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Assam.
Large quantities of the Sheesham timber are available from Uttar Pradesh and the Punjab.

The Sheesham wood is described as golden brown to deep brown in colour, with darker streaks that give the wood an attractive appearance.
• The wood is hard with a uniform and medium coarse texture. It has a good natural resistance to decay and is considered to be a popular carving and engraving wood in India.
• Sheesham lends itself perfectly to the cabinet making industry as it seasons well and does not warp or split.
• It is extremely durable and is one of the timbers least susceptible to dry-wood termites. The wood offers resistance to sawing and cutting but is excellent for turnery, takes a good polish and finishes to a smooth surface.
• Each piece of Sheesham furniture will have a unique colouring, thanks to the well defined grain of the wood, which can be brought to a fine finish by hand waxing.
• Sheesham furniture often features hand forged wrought iron work, known as Jali ironwork.
• As well as high quality furniture, Sheesham is also used for marine and aircraft grade plywood, charcoal for heating and cooking, musical instruments, ornamental turnery, carving, engraving, tool handles and sporting goods.
• Its root wood is used for tobacco pipes. In village industry Dalbergia sissoo (sheesham) is popular for doors and windows. Sheesham makes the perfect space for Antique Furniture.
• The wood takes a good polish and finishes to a smooth lustre.
• The beautiful natural patterns make for an enchanting finish to enjoy in your home

Why Sheesham hardwood-

The wood has a rich chestnut colour and is ideally suited for making furniture due to its hard nature and close grain that polishes well and finishes to a smooth surface. As a natural material each piece of Sheesham timber has individual markings and characteristics resulting in every item of furniture being totally unique.
It is strong, durable and beautiful.If you want a smooth finished wood with natural marking in a chestnut colour, sheesham wood should be your choice.You’ll be pleased with the life you’ll get with them, so you can enjoy them for decades.

Gifts are forever – WoodenFurniture this festive season

Be it a festive season or someone in your life who means so much to you that the whole year goes by as a festival. A gift is always a way of expressing what you feel for that person/family.
From a simple hand written card to a very expensive car- whatever it maybe, when its give from your heart it’ll always means the world to that certain person

This entry is particularly based on gifts and why wooden furniture would make that perfect gift for anyone you would like to offer a gift.

Speaking qualitatively, Wood as a part of the nature, is the most pure form of article present on earth.
Relate it with the relationship you have with that one person/family- pure and wholesome.

Crafting the wood into a beautiful piece of furniture or artifact- the process is similar to what you practice while nourishing your relationship. A delicate crafting with firm attention is given in producing wooden furniture. Similarly focusing on the relationship you have there is that delicate yet firm attention given to it.

Hardwood furniture, like Rosewood ( Sheesham ), Teakwood have a life capacity that can lost for as long as 6 generations, which in itself talks for itself. Wooden furniture becomes one of the most royal and precious collection that can be passed on for generation.
Rosewood ( Sheesham ) Hardwood Furniture

Moreover, it can also become a great investment option- because if the quality of wood is proper solid wood- that is if its not veneered or bonded with softwood, then it can essentially last forever. Giving a piece of wooden furniture or even an artifact to person who is going to remain important forever in your life, will say the right thing. (Maybe someday- that will ‘piece of forever’ can save his/her life, and its almost as valuable as diamonds!)

Not a big fan of change, or if you know someone who is not a big fan of change- giving wooden furniture makes the best sense. Only efforts needed are choosing the right kind of wood and the work done on it. Speaking from the current trends, wooden furniture does not run out of fashion ever. (at least in the furniture department.)

And mentioned in the previous blog on how to remove the stains from the wooden furniture you can always make the whole procedure of cleaning up the furniture a ‘family’ event! There’s a lot of time given while refinishing wooden furniture- but you can do it at home, so that becomes the best part about having wooden furniture. Quality time can be spent.

Overall attaching emotional as well as practical sentiments to wooden furniture and then gift wrapping it, the process will make the furniture come to life.