10 Things You Need to Know Before You Purchase Wood Furniture from Natural Living

  1. Hardwood furniture is beautiful.The dramatic grain patterns give each piece a character of its own – a one-of-a-kind handmade work of art for your home. What’s more, the use of hardwood creates opportunities for detail work and graceful forms that just aren’t possible with pressed-wood furniture. A custom-built piece from Natural Living Furniture makes a statement about your sense of style, beauty and quality.
  2. You can believe in the materials.Wood doesn’t lie. Sheesham is Sheesham. Cherry is Cherry. Particle board is a composite material made by compressing a mixture of ground-up scrap wood and resin glue, covered by wood-grained vinyl. Hard wood furniture is strong, honest, durable. Particle board furniture is cheap, susceptible to moisture and tends to fall apart if you move it more than once. Your purchase from Natural Living Furniture is built to last – not just for years, but for generations.
  3. You can believe in the construction.Many of our craftsmen are third and fourth generation wood workers from Rajasthan. Their use of time-honored joinery techniques such as dovetails, mortise & tenon and lock mitres give drawers, legs, shelves and doors strength and stability. What’s even more important is their understanding of the movement of wood. The artisans who make Natural Living furniture build our furniture to accommodate changes as the wood expands and contracts through the seasonal changes. Our furniture is built to be strong, stable and last a long time.
  4. You can believe in the finish.Some finishes are used to hide the wood, or cover up particle board. We use finish to enhance the natural grain and give you a piece that is in harmony with your home décor. Our stains are applied to each component of your furniture before it’s assembled. That’s so you won’t suddenly have an unfinished stripe appear in the winter, when the wood contracts. Our finish of choice is a conversion varnish. It will resist water marks and alcohol and look great with dry, or ever-so-slightly damp, dusting. (For our dressing tables, please note: nail polish remover is deadly to all finishes. You have been warned!)
  5. Hardwood furniture can be repaired, restored, even refinished.Life is full of unexpected bumps. If your hardwood furniture is scratched it can be repaired and the finish touched-up. If a door or drawer is broken we can make one that’s identical to replace it. If your decorating palette changes, your furniture can be refinished to match your new style.

5a. What’s more, if in five years you want another piece of furniture to match, we’ll be able to make it for you. We don’t have furniture “lines” that are discontinued after a few years. We make hand-crafted furniture one piece at a time. So if you decide to add a sofa table and want it to match the media cabinet you originally bought from us, we can do it.

  1. Making hardwood furniture is a Green process.The hardwood lumber that we use to manufacture our furniture grows in sustainably managed forests. Our wood is selectively harvested in small groups or as single trees to minimize the impact of the environment. Our manufacturing process is virtually waste-free. Bark becomes mulch; trimmings are processed into paper; slab wood from our sawmills is used to heat shops and homes; sawdust and moulder mill is used to bed livestock and horses; waste edgings and chips are reground for use in landscaping. In addition, all materials used in the handcrafting of Natural Living Furniture are formaldehyde-free, and all stains and finishes are low VOC.
  2. You can meet the person who made your furniture.Natural Living Furniture is not made by robots on assembly lines. Our furniture is made by a relatively small number of millworkers, builders and finishers. From time to time we have events and bring them to our store to meet our customers and talk about their techniques and craft. So it’s not at all unusual for you to be able to meet the person who made your furniture… or who will be making it soon.
  3. You are part of the design process.The designs offered by Natural Living Furniture cover a wide range of styles and contemporary for dining, entertainment centers, beds, dressers, chests, cabinets and more. But for us, our standard designs are just the starting point. After the design has been selected, the customer chooses the size and other specifications. Most of the standard designs can be tailored to the customer’s specifications – our pieces can be scaled up or down to fit a particular space in your home. Additionally, new design proposals can be discussed and drafted.
  4. Hardwood furniture is easy to care for.We believe hardwood furniture grows even more beautiful with age. But dust, dirt and grime can accumulate on any surface and can harm the wood’s finish. Regular dusting with a clean, lint-free cloth will maintain a clean surface and protect the finish from dirt build-up. Occasional dusting with a cloth lightly dampened with a non-wax polish will help clean and restore the appearance of your furniture. You should avoid the use of ammonia-based products or silicone oils. Excessive or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, high temperatures or high humidity can cause damage to both the finish and the wood itself.
  5. You can believe in our warranty.We’ll be happy to provide details about our warranty against defects and our policy for cancellation of custom orders at our store. Briefly, all Natural Living Furniture comes with a lifetime warranty on materials. We expect our furniture to last a lifetime. Go to any antique show and you’ll see hardwood furniture that has not only survived for generations, but still looks beautiful. Hardwood lasts. Your custom-built, hand-crafted furniture from Ohio Hardwood Furniture will last a lifetime, and then some.

How to clean and care for antique wood furniture :

Wood is a porous, natural material comprised of natural fibres that can bend, stretch and breathe. The older wood becomes, the more these pores and fibres loosen, allowing for more opportunity for moisture and dirt to seep into its surfaces. When it comes to antique wood furniture, it is absolutely essential to minimize the damaging effects caused by dirt particles and moisture.

Depending on the type of finish of the wood (placed above the top layer of the wood, to stain or seal the wood), the piece of antique furniture may still soak up any used product or moisture coming in contact with the surface.

This is one of the main reasons why antique dealers will always suggest to using an oil-based solution instead of wax.

Wax can actually seal dirt into the wood while an oil-based solution helps in loosening the dirt and in bringing it to the surface for removal.

There are three basic points to run you through that will have you well on your way towards caring for your antique piece of furniture.


1. Removing the effect of moisture :

Once moisture enters the wood, not only does it weaken the fibres of the wood by softening them, it can also leave white spots on the surface of your furniture which tend to be unsightly. Depending on the severity of the damage these marks may be removed.

To do so begin by placing a heavy piece of office-grade ink blotting paper available at any stationery store over the affected area. Iron on a low heat over the affected area. This

will cause the excess moisture to be drawn into the blotting paper.


2. Removal of dirt :


Let’s begin by saying, nobody likes dirt.

Furniture that has been stored for many years will more often than not have lots of dirt and grime both on and within its surfaces. Removal of the dirt without scratching the delicate, aged wood is the secret here. A vacuum cleaner without any attachments on the hose can be used along with a paintbrush to take off large pieces of dirt without causing any damage.

After the first step you should apply a layer of furniture oil. Be generous in doing so. Apply evenly over all parts. Allow it to sit on the furniture for a while. Make sure when you apply the oil you do so in the same direction as the grain on the wood with the help of a soft paintbrush, once again to avoid damaging the furniture.

After a while, preferably overnight, use a clean old sock on your hand and gently massage the extra oil along the grain of the wood. Using a sock allows you to cover all areas well, including curved and carved areas.

Lastly use an old discarded t-shirt to remove all excess oil and grime. The process is time consuming but the results are positive. Just remember not to be in any sort of a rush when you do so. Pay attention to all the affected areas.


3. Removal of odor :

To remove any odor from wooden drawers or cabinets, traditional methods are best stuck to. Use a mix of coffee

grounds and rice solution. (sprinkle dry coffee grounds in the drawers and cabinets, after a while do the same with rice ) Let the mixture sit for about a week or so. Later just vacuum it all off.

Depending upon the strength of the smell, the process may need to be repeated. Stubborn odors such as tobacco or mildew, may need the use of lemon oil or orange oil on a regular basis but heck if it works its worth the time and effort.

Creating The Perfect Outdoor Dining Experience

Summer is right around the corner (faster in some parts of the nation) and the time is nigh to begin planning for entertainment purposes outside on those late summer evenings when the weather is nice and cool. An outdoor dining area is the perfect place to host a small dinner party. If carried out perfectly you could be the toast of the town among your group of friends, which is what we are trying to achieve here. If you are interested in setting up the perfect outdoor dining experience, here are some pointers that will help you along your way to doing so.


1.  Make sure your furniture is well protected :

Most of us live in a part of the country where we have to deal with different types of weather. From a sudden searing hot day to an unforeseen relief shower, the weather is most unpredictable. Whatever it may be providing cover to your furniture is the best solution. Not only will it protect your furniture but also provide you with the opportunity to dine out throughout the year.

Provide for drapes as they not only add an extra layer of protection but also soften the structure on the eyes.

2. Provide adequate artificial lighting :

A light source near or above the dining area allows for the opportunity for an enjoyable soiree past sundown. Attractive options such as chandeliers are also easy on the eyes while also making your space more usable  as the early evening turns into night.



3. Selecting the perfect spot :

You need not necessarily have a large garden. It might take a little bit of thought and rearrangement, but there is always someplace available to create your perfect little dining area. It could be anywhere, from right in the middle to the back under a tree, the choice is yours as long as you get it right and set the mood for the occasion.


4. Consider your outdoor dining experience as a destination spot :

Your dining area sits in a park-like setting surrounded by bushes, trees and probably a pool. By placing it away from your home itself, it becomes a destination spot for guests. It creates the perfect atmosphere for people to just hang out.


5. Make your outdoor dining experience an extension of your home :

The outdoor dining area is the perfect opportunity to incorporate personal taste and style with furniture and accessories of your choice. Look for opportunities to incorporate art.


6. Provide for a heat source on colder days :

You will be able to provide for shade naturally on hot days if you have planned your setting well. It’s providing for cooler days that is important. A small fire pit or an artificial source that blends with the surrounding is the perfect solution to this. It gives you the opportunity to host cook-outs and barbeques.


7. Be bold, be brave :

There is no need to necessarily have a wooden dining table. Go for something different. Probably a stone based table with old rustic metallic furniture. The choice are boundless and add to the natural flow while being easy on the eye. Adding a fully stocked bar never hurts either.


After reading and employing the above stated points you should pretty much be on your way to setting up the perfect outdoor dining area. Remember : it is an extension of your home, an extension of you.

How To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor wooden furniture for your patios, backyards, balconies and terraces are an addition that look classy and last long. Wooden furniture, however, can be easily damaged in harsh weather. As such you should take precautions and prepare your outdoor wooden furniture for specific weather conditions you may deal with. The major points to consider are :

Location :
One of the most important aspect to consider when it comes to protecting your furniture is to know what kind of weather it is your dealing with. Someone who lives in a place like Delhi will not necessarily need a water sealant, but should rather consider painting their furniture to protect it from the heat of the sun. A person living in Pune, however, may want to consider water sealant. People specific to the area know their weather best and as such should be sure to acquire the furniture protection they may actually need.

Paint :
To have the best protection against natural elements, you should use paint on your wooden furniture outdoors. Although this will lead to losing the natural look of the wood the provision of paint will give the best protection to your furniture. Paint protects wooden furniture by reflecting the UV radiation from the sun. It will help protect the wood underneath the layer of paint saving it from problems like rot. For such cases choose latex paint over oil-based paints as they tend to last longer. Depending on the piece of furniture and the weather conditions you should keep reapplying paint from time to time.

Water Sealers :
If you happen to live in a region prevalent with rainy weather, or if you feel you need to keep your outdoor wooden furniture well protected, you should take a look into applying a water sealant to your furniture. A water sealant not only provides a beautiful look to the wood but also keeps the furniture well protected. A water sealant not only protects your piece of furniture from liquids on the outside, but also allows for liquids within to evaporate thus helping to avoid splitting, rotting, and warping.

Varnish :
Another technique to protect your outdoor wooden furniture is varnish. The most tried and tested technique among Indian furniture owners, you can acquire varnish from your local home store. There are a variety of options available, so be sure to acquire a viable option. Just like in the case of a water sealant, this will help to maintain the look of the wood although it does not protect as well as paint. Also be sure to apply a coating every now and then.

Covers :
Patio covers will offer physical protection to your furniture from not only the weather but also other forms of harm. Make sure you have your measurements right for each specific piece of furniture.

Placement :
Where you decide to locate your furniture on will also affect how much damage the piece of furniture will garner over time. At the edges of the patio or balcony furniture will take a heavier beating from the sun and rain, which will have easier access to it. When you foresee a storm coming or on a hot and sunny day, be sure to pull your piece of furniture towards the interior. Precaution is the best cure.

10 Reasons to be Inclined Towards Wooden Furniture

With advancements in technology and industry alternatives to wooden furniture are available in plenty. This brings us to the question….why buy wooden furniture? For a start wooden furniture is a favourite among most people looking to find that perfect piece of furniture for their space, be it home the office, well whatever it may be. The feeling of having a little bit of the outdoor feel indoors is irresistible to most. This has led to trends such as designer furniture, not without cause, all of which shall be explained in brief and as aptly as possible. So here are some of the reasons why you should probably opt for a piece of wooden furniture the next time your looking for something to fill in those empty gaps.

1. Wooden Furniture Gives A Natural Look :
Wood in general is beautiful to look at : the patterns and lines running across in sync with each other. They tend to be appealing to the eye. Natural beauty, RARE! The finish to a piece of wooden furniture is always carried out with the beauty of the piece in mind.

2. Wooden Furniture is Easy to Look After :
Good quality wooden furniture that has been well made is usually durable making it a pleasant benefit for the owner. It can be kept both indoors as well as outdoors free from worry of rot due to fungus or termites.

3. Wooden Furniture is Strong and Reselient :
Wood is naturally tough. Try breaking a piece with your bare hands….nothing, guessed as much. Such durability is reliable when faced with high duty as well. You most certainly will not be looking for a replacement anytime soon. Soon being a very very long time.

4. Unmatchable When It Comes To Décor :
Being pleasant to look and excellent naturally to the eye, wooden furniture will make for a great focal point. It is authentic and an antique feel to it.

5. Easy to Maintain :
All wooden furniture needs from time to time is a good clean wipe. There are also multitudes of cleaning products available incase of stains, usually simple to use.

6. Strong Resistance To Weather :
Seasons will come and go, but your furniture will be fine. You will grow old but if your wooden furniture is well taken care of by you personally it will not age or damage easily. Even outdoors wooden furniture does not necessarily require storage or covering. Its always better to play it safe though.

7. The Best Investment :
Forget what is being passed around by word of mouth wooden furniture is truly the best investment available to you. A good piece/set can be quite expensive, however it will make a long lasting and smart investment for your home/any other space. You get beauty, quality, comfort and a lifetimes worth of memories all in one.

8. Eco Friendly :
Wood is always a better choice when compared to the other options available in the market such as plastic.

9. Flexibility :
Wooden furniture can always be modified. It can be both indoors or outdoors. It will fit any given space almost perfectly.

10. Natural Living Furniture :
Saving the best for last need you be reminded that Natural Living Furniture offers you a lifetime warranty on every piece of furniture. Wait, it gets better. After 10 years if you decide you want something new Natural Living will offer you a 60% buy back on your old piece of furniture. Need anything else be said….?

Why wooden furniture was gifted in olden days?

In ancient times when the sages were aware of the vastu principles, they used to use them in day-to-day life as well. Vastu for them did not mean only the architecture part. It actually meant that they wanted balance of all the forces of nature in everything they did. Over a period of time, the vastu principles became a part of the culture and all actions done by even ordinary people were in line with vastu. Even the rulers had royal astrologers who would give the advice about these things.
One of the major areas of daily life is the giving and taking of gifts. Even in ancient times, this was prevalent. But it was limited in the sense that the availability of items in those times was limited and people used to lead a simple life.
But the gifts were of prescribed nature for specific occasions. Why? The reason is vastu. These prescribed things were gifted and were accepted, as they would change the pattern of energy and natural forces for the person taking them. Over a period of time these things became common and are even visible in the form of customary gifts for occasions. For example, in most of the cultures it is customary to gift clothes on the birth of a child. In olden days, wooden furniture was also gifted a lot more than these days. Wood if considered as energy – is constantly in motion, driven to grow and expand like the green shoots bursting forth in spring. The predominant energy and significance with wood, is being appreciated for being firmly grounded with deep roots at home. From this place of stability and strength, potential is unlimited, and the capacity to succeed against all odds. Color symbolisms of associations with wood are green and blue.
Converting this wood energy into a commercial plus usable design form, and forming a basic structure, like furniture, artifact, sculptures etc.
Wooden furniture items were and are still gifted by a many people but how do they affect the native is not known to many people.
Wood is ruled by Jupiter and as such gifting furniture will bring auspicious forces in the house and will bring prosperity and luck to the inmates of the house. Furniture made of wood suggests the influence of Jupiter and the furniture made of iron suggest the influence of Saturn. A combination of wood and iron is a lot common while making furniture with Sheesham wood. The craft-work is called ‘Jaali’ work. The craftsmanship that went into making of wooden furniture was always hand-made, which gave that personal touch to the idea of gifting.
Though, it’s said that the choice of furniture as a gift to someone must be done with consideration. Even if the study of feng shui is put aside, one needs to be alert of the toxins that reside within old furniture, such as leaked mercury in old clocks or formaldehyde glues in furniture made of layers of wood. Many of these hidden toxins can cause health problems. It is of utter importance that wooden furniture is always re-energized or if spoken in modern terms is always maintained nicely.
At present exchange of gifts in the society, specifically in India, is becoming an essential part of our relationship with others. There are occasions like marriage, birth days, festivals, housewarming etc – and there is no limit to the occasion to gift someone with a wooden piece of furniture, artifact or just a small box to hold the tiniest of your memory.
– By Natural Living

Exchange of gifts has been a normal phenomenon among the human beings from time immemorial. In ancient times, our rishis and munis were fully aware of the significance of the day-to-day activities of men and women and the way it could affect the entire balance of one’s life. Thus, even the giving of gifts can be determined by taking into consideration the planetary influences.
In the present day context, a planetary consideration on gifts can take on a priority over making a choice., What makes the process very complicated is making a choice of a proper gift.
There is an infinite variety of things available in the market. One can choose a gift of any color or of any price. In each category of gifts there are innumerable aspects. The general gifts include: furniture, cosmetics, clothes, sweets, jewellery, stationery items, electronic items and even property. Sometimes even flowers suffice.
39It has also been observed that certain gifts are being exchanged these days for no specific occasion. The person should be aware of the items which are being gifted. The person accepting them should also be careful these days as there are innumerable items which may not pass the test as gifts as per the canons of vastu. This has a strong correlation with astrology as well. Astrology also tells you the effects of various planets. The effects of natural forces of these planets affecting us decides our way of thinking and the way we work in society. This is unique to every individual. Hence, this aspect must be given due consideration while selecting and taking gifts. An item rejected by one is liked by the other is an indication that different forces operate for different people.

Wooden Furniture Market.

International wood industry is becoming complex and interesting at a growing pace. This industry has come to limelight only over the last decade, due to a number of revolutionary reasons like – globalization, production assortment and development in technology.
Major countries which increase their economic growth in wood industry are China, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Europe and America. Europe and America are the continents that compete with Asia – because of the abundance of wood in Asia and also because it is available at a cheaper rate.
These furniture industries have shown incredible economic growth rate recently, for a lot many reasons. Europe – has responded to this competition by enhancing productivity, targeting only the niche market, bringing in a lot of creativity in the design structure and in craftsmanship, in the quality of the product and with new ways of marketing strategies to create demand for them.
Though the level of skills involved is not as sophisticated as in craft works. The development of craft skills is essential for the survival of European furniture industry. Craft skills are necessary to produce high quality, intricate furniture items based on solid wood.

craftmanship-wood1These craftsmanship skills, if considered from an Asian country’s point of you, especially India – the markets are filled with highly skilled labor market. Cheap labor producing high quality sheesham wood furniture, from normal furniture to intensively detailed wooden carving work with antique style in furniture. Cities like Jodhpur, Rajasthan – become the pioneer cities for producing furniture, which showcase beautiful artistic craftsmanship, and all of that is done handmade.
These skills in European countries are mainly computer operated numerically controlled machines, which might give that precise symmetrically patterns but lack the innovation in intricate carving designs and patterns, which is typically an art form developed in Asian countries, especially India, China, Indonesia and Thailand.
Demand for such wooden hand-crafted furniture has increased a lot over the last decade in European and other countries, especially because of the detail carving and craftsmanship that goes in the manufacture of those antique looking wooden furniture.
Craftsmanship is an art that is embedded in the bloods of Indian workers, while this process is a much programmed process outside Asian countries.
Other than the best features like durability, sustainability in all kinds of weather and the fact that it is so beautiful aesthetically speaking – the demand for sheesham furniture has increased in European market, and even in Indian market because of the abundance in sheesham wood in these countries. The labor cost that goes into the production of such hand-crafted furniture is cheap and affordable.
That becomes an important factor while importing sheesham furniture for these foreign countries than spending thousands and million in a training program to acquire those craftsmanship skills, which anyway is an effort for these countries to make the younger crowd understand the importance of wood, wooden furniture and craftsmanship.
Regal exports have been one of the major brands to export hardwood (sheesham) furniture to European countries. With stores all over India, including Jodhpur, Goa, Pune it has seen a tremendous growth in the economies of scale. Being located in a country (India) where Sheesham wood grows in abundance and the craft skills are drunk to perfection, it has become one of the biggest online stores to export Sheesham wood furniture to European countries. Regal Exports also – provides custom designed furniture too, with beautiful craft work which is completely hand done.
This personal touch to the furniture is becoming a trending demand in foreign countries.